内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 offers an unforgettable experience at an affordable 价格. 的 experience you gain at 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站, as well as the degree you earn, will pay dividends 在你的余生中. 两个人一生的收入差距 an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and someone with just a high school diploma is 相当重要的. 但最重要的是,朋友,网络和专业关系 你在这里所做的一切都是无价之宝.



Tuition and fee increases are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of 董事.






的 cost 出席的 at the 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 varies each semester. Variables include the number of credits enrolled and the monthly cost of living. 所有 学费和杂费被认为是学生的开支. 将申请财政援助 支付奖学金中规定的学生费用.

的 estimated basic cost for a student attending 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 for one academic year, based 2个学期,每学期12个学分:

学生费用 独立,有受抚养人 独立无受抚养人或不住在家里 依赖家庭生活
学费(每学时170美元) $ 4,080.00  $ 4,080.00 $ 4,080.00
教室用品 $400.00  $400.00  $400.00 
房租,水电费,互联网 $9,122.00  $6,339.00 $3,170.00
食物 $6,624.00 $2,289.00 $2,289.00
旅行 $10,917.00 $8,026.00 $4,013.00
个人 $ 4,959.00  $ 2,577.00  $ 2,577.00
出勤总费用 $36,102.00 $23,711.00  $16,529.00



*所有 line items above are based on the average of Knox, Thurston, Dakota Counties 内布拉斯加州和爱荷华州的伍德伯里县,再乘以9个月. 


Tuition and fees will be null and void if a student drops during the official drop/add period of the semester, with the exception of non-refundable fees and unreturned books. After the drop/add period, tuition and fees will be refunded in accordance to the 下面的时间表. 学生必须提交申请正式退学 with his/her advisor and student support services, see Withdrawal section in the catalog.

● Drops electronically submitted prior to the official drop/add period will not be 适用于相关学期.
● Withdrawals after the census date of the fall/spring 术语 or the first week of the 夏季学期将收取100%的学费.
● Unofficial Withdrawal may require a student to return funds to Title IV (based on last date 出席的) if they received a 金融援助 disbursement prior to their “停止约会”. 尚未获奖的学生将获得基金余额 调整.
●退课时必须归还课本和资料. 返回的教科书 must be unmarked, and in excellent condition to be accepted for return. 书不 在可转售的情况下,将由学生支付.



Title IV disbursements will be made after the census date and enrollment and attendance 是否可以验证和记录. 所有教育费用,通过最后一次记录发生 date 出席的 or the official withdrawal will be considered in de术语ining the 为学校保留的金额和从学生那里获得的金额.

Disbursement and repayment policies are in accordance with Federal regulations for 修订后的高等教育法. 如果返回标题IV (R2T4)计算显示 that a student has not earned all of the disbursement, the student will owe the unearned 相当于联邦学生援助计划. 经济援助接受者退出 all courses during the semester or are involuntarily withdrawn may not be eligible 申请下学期的经济资助. 不继续出勤的学生 at least 60% of the 术语 will owe money back to Federal Student 援助, and will not be eligible to receive additional Federal Student 援助 until the funds are re-paid 对金融服务管理局.


返回标题IV (R2T4)

该学校是由美国认证的. S. 作为合格的参与者 in Federal 学生资助(SFA) programs established under the Higher Education 经修订的1965年法案(HEA)(第四章项目). 需要学校来确定 earned and unearned portions of Title IV aid for students who cancel, withdraw, drop out, are dismissed, prior to completing 60% of a payment period or 术语.

联邦财政援助退款-标题IV (R2T4)计算返回
联邦第四章基金的学生接受者(i.e.(联邦佩尔或SEOG)退出 from the college before completing 60% of the 术语 is subject to the Return of Title IV Calculation to de术语ine the percentage of Title IV funds required to be returned 致联邦政府. 第四章的回归计算是联邦政府授权的 formula to de术语ine how much federal funding was “earned” up to the time of withdrawal.

的 Title IV funds that were disbursed in excess of the earned amount must be returned 由学院和/或学生提交给联邦政府. 如果学生收到 a refund from financial aid, which was to be used for education-related personal expenses or housing expenses, the student may be required to return a portion of those funds 去大学. 这部分资金是用来支付学生学费的 至学期末的教育相关费用. 金额是多少? returned 去大学 will be de术语ined by the student’s institutional costs, refunds the student might have received for non-institutional expenses and the funds that 必须归还给政府吗.

金额是多少? returned 致联邦政府 will be calculated based on the last documented day 出席的 in any class for which the student was registered. 取款有两种,正式的和非正式的. 正式退出 occurs when a student follows the published process for withdrawing from the college 在学期结束之前. 考勤机构要求教师来 keep records 出席的, the official date of withdrawal will be the last documented 已注册课程的出勤日. 非正式的撤退 发生在学生未经通知就离开学校的时候. 第四章援助受助人 fail to withdraw but stop attending class are considered unofficial withdraws. 的 Return to Title IV Funds policy requires the college to calculate the "earned" amount 以学期/学期最后出勤日为准. 如果学生停止上课 prior to the 60% point of the 术语, the student will be billed for the outstanding 由于第四章资金的返还而产生的费用.

内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 uses the Federal Calculation form to de术语ine earned 第四章资金的数额. 

A student may be eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement if, prior to withdrawing, 这名学生获得的联邦财政援助比支付的要多. 如果一个学生 eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement for Title IV funds, it will be processed for the student and a refund will be issued within 14 days of the credit balance.



Students have the option of negotiating 付款计划 with the 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 业务办公室 如果经济援助不可用. 预计学生将完成付款 他们参加的每个学期的协议. 付款时间表将分别进行审查 术语.

Students may have the opportunity to work off balances due to 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 (but not balances 由于FSA)在毕业之前. 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站的校园勤工俭学计划必须获得批准 from the designated supervisor and 业务办公室 prior to start date.

十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 accepts Third Party 付款计划 which are arranged by the student with their 雇主或其他外部机构. 需要第三方支付协议表格 to be completed and submitted to the business office by the fourth week of the semester 出席的.



的 Business office is the official institutional depository for student bills and 付款计划. 的 业务办公室 is responsible for student’s bills, and distribution 的退款. 有关商务办公室政策和程序的更多信息,请访问 请参阅商务办公室政策和程序附表.


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